get happy with a Kit Naturals giveaway

Another great giveaway from my dear friends at Kit Naturals.

This time it is for their Happy Day Citrus Spray, from their website …

We created this aroma spray because we love the calming, soothing properties of Orange. The citrus lifts the spirits! Give your dull day a scent makeover that will make everyone feel like they are walking through the grove on a fine Summer day…a Happy Day! (This too is very skin softening and acts as an amazing deodorant/body scent!)

I LOVE THIS STUFF 🙂 , actually Kathleen is offering it in the Citrus scent or the Cinnamon. It is hard to choose, but I think I like the Citrus. It truly does put you in a happier mood! Aromatherapy does work. I will give you an extra entry if you will add a comment below telling me your favorite way to use a natural scent spray like this. I like to barely spray my clothes (from a distance) as I take them out of the closet, seems like everything smells musty this time of year and it solves that problem and makes my clothes smell fresh and puts a smile on my face. I also especially love it on my skin, feels wonderful. I put one in my purse to take everywhere with me.

I like this every bit as much as the Orange Cream, do you remember me talking about it?

In case you missed my review awhile back I will quote it for you here.

A few weeks ago I got the most wonderful gift in the mail from my dear friend Kathleen Gilmore. Something from her new home business Kit Naturals. It was some of her Orange Silk Cream, I agreed to try it out and give her my opinion. now Kathleen has known me for awhile so she knew I only tell the truth and never hype things up. However I do get excited about stuff that is really good. Well let me tell you, this stuff is good. In fact it is better than good. I can’t decide if I like the smell or feel of it better. I truly wish I could create a “smell button” to let you smell this online. In the winter especially I tend to get really dry skin. Especially my hands. The first time I applied the cream I thought, hmm, nice but might be a little oily feeling, to be honest I probably used too much because it felt so good, but either way after about a minute it was all absorbed anyway. It felt really, really good and there was no left over oily feeling. And it has really helped where I had dry skin. I had to nearly arm wrestle it away from daughters, ha ha, but Momma always wins! Kathleen my dear you have done well! The only way she could possibly make this better is to sell it in gallon sized jugs! But since no one really ever needs to use that much I will just learn a little self control. I honestly can not say I have ever found a cream I like better. Since I used to own high end beauty salons in California that is my educated opinion. I pray that the Lord blesses Kit Naturals, and the Gilmore family abundantly! I might also add that their website is absolutely beautiful!
Now in addition to my trying it out, I also get to give away a jar of cream!!! Yay!!!



This is how you can win. The comments must be added here to get you in for the drawing. The drawing will end Tuesday the 17th at midnight, and I will announce a winner Wednesday April 18th.

Kathleen has graciously allowed me to offer this open to everyone! Yep, where ever you live, if you win she will ship it to you, now folks tell me how often that happens?

Here is how you enter, you may have one entry for each of the following, give me a separate comment for each. There are two ways to get extra entries daily.

  1. check out the Kit Naturals site and tell me your most wanted item
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Disclaimer: KIT Naturals provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  All of my opinions are my own. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. I honestly love this product!


  1. Shaunna W. says:

    I would love the Orange Silk Hydrating Cream the most!

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    I liked KIT Naturals on FB.

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    I liked you post!

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    I really liked the ebook you did on how to do rag curls!

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    I shared the contest on FB.

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  7. jennifer says:

    MMM…her orange silk cream looks yummy.

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    I like kit on fb

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    I also liked your post

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  13. Shaena Fremont says:

    Wow! I have looked through all the products, and everything sounds incredible!!! It’s hard to pick just one!!!

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    I am your friend on FB and I have shared the post about the giveaway! 🙂

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    I have “tweeted” the giveaway! 🙂

  16. I would like the muscle rub for achy muscles! I like to do physical work throughout the day and that would be really nice

  17. I “liked” Kit Naturals on facebook!

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    Shared the giveaway on FB again today!

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  22. I would like to try their coconut dream lotion. My hands are always dry and I have a hard time finding a lotion that works.

  23. Joni Owada says:

    I think I would like to try the Orange Silk Hydrating Cream!

  24. Joni Owada says:

    I liked Kit Naturals on FB

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    I liked this post

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    An idea for an ebook would be a Gaps friendly snack and sweets ebook

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    I shared on FB again!


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