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Did you know I give away a free ebook quite often? I just can’t help myself, I love my friends and want to bless them 🙂

Before we get to the freebie I have a coupon code for you, good until Monday. Use this code  463TD31K  for 40% off everything in my bookstore  , fill your cart and use it on the total. There are quick links here.

I am working on some changes here and it has been an exhausting week, good but exhausting. Exercising my body is one thing but exercising my brain learning new things all week has added to my workouts in a new way 🙂 . Whew. But it has been good. Last night my cook #4, who is 14 made us wonderful enchiladas for supper and I got to thinking everybody should have this treat, so here ya go. Today’s freebie.

Creatively Simple ~ how to Make Homemade Enchiladas

We moved from Southern California to Tennessee in the late fall of 1993. It was a wonderful new place except for one thing. We had grown up on Mexican food. Not American style fast food Mexican but authentic, miles from the border California style Mexican food. There was no good Mexican food in Tennessee. So I made it myself. Then I taught my daughters. Then we had more daughters and they learned to cook better than me. And they got better and better. And now that there are plenty of Mexican restaurants in Tennessee, we still can’t find one that tastes as good as our daughters cook. So I followed Georgia around the kitchen with my camera just to get this incredible information for you!

This is just one of a series of Creatively Simple “How to” ebooks approx 30 pages with lots of pictures ebook download

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the freebie, my Creatively Simple ~ how to Make Homemade Enchiladas ebook,

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