blackberry season is here!

What works for me this Wednesday? Blackberries!

  • Blackberries! in smoothies
  • Blackberries! in ice cream
  • Blackberries! in cobbler
  • Blackberries! made into syrup
  • Blackberries! made into jam
  • Blackberries! in muffins
  • Blackberries! made into fruit tea
  • Blackberries! on pancakes
  • Blackberries! and cream
  • Blackberries! and yogurt
  • Blackberries! in everything!

Blackberries are what works for me this Wednesday :) .  What works for you this week?


  1. Yum yum yum!!! I love blackberries. I wish they weren’t so much here. We had a small blackberry bush growing around our tree stump and around the bottom of the fir/pine trees. The kids had so much fun picking those… if they got them before the birdies did! 😛


  2. Ohhhh, blackberry cobbler with ice cream!!!!

and .. your thoughts?