worship works for me

I live in a loud house. Not bad loud but just lots of folks, life on a farm loud. So sometimes I like things quiet. Usually during the day the dvd player is off and the noise is from folks talking, and horses whinnying, and roosters crowing, and well you get the picture. So often I don’t really want any music on. But the other day I put in a cd I hadn’t listened to in awhile at church. And the worship music was calling me. It was a free download album from Forerunner Music, the music store for the Kansas City IHOP. Since it was offered free I burned another for home, and put it in the player today and put on repeat. It was sure nice and Jacob said it helped him focus on his schoolwork. So that is my tip for today. Worship music, put some on. You can get the free download here.

So, what works for you this Wednesday?


  1. Thanks Penny-the music is awesome!! 🙂

and .. your thoughts?