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Today for works for me Wednesday, things are backwards,  get to ask YOU what works. So here is the age old question in the Raine house. Without taking out a second on the house, which vacuum actually works and lasts longer than 6 months? Tell what you have, how often you use it and how long it has lasted. It doesn’t matter if we buy them new or aquire them used, vacuums just do not hold up for this busy family. We use it daily but most of our floors are wood, so it doesn’t have much to vacuum! Just two large area rugs and one bedroom. How do we wear them out so fast?


  1. I have a Hoover wind tunnel and will never, ever buy another one. It clogs. And clogs. And the belts break. I’ve paid for it more than twice with repairs. A friend no longer needs her Dyson Animal so I’m buying it off her. You might check and see if they have a quick, free review of vacum cleaners.

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  2. We have a Kirby. We have had it for 7 plus years and use it a few times each day. I wonder if er are messier than others? We also have some allergies to dust in our home and our dining room is carpeted. We vaccumm constantly and put this vacumm through SOOO much. It has held up beautifully. I have always wondered about teh Dyson. It would be nice not to buy bags. I wouldnt want to be the way to actually clean it out though 🙂

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  3. My Eureka lasted all of 3 years or so and we didn’t have the money to buy another nice one, so I went out and bought the cheapest at the store. It’s lasted us about the same length of time (although I only do the floors once a week:-) I’d love a Dyson though! I hate using bags and want to go bagless again.

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and .. your thoughts?