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so a Duggar fell to sin

I have refrained from commenting on this and simply just observed. As usual I have seen two things, folks who have absolutely no concept of the Gospel not understanding the lives of those who live for Christ, and the ones who claim to live for Him proving by their ignorance that they don’t. So here goes, a few words on raising a family for Him, and the consequences

my commentary here may border ranting so read my words at your own risk, I do speak out of love
#1 sheltering your children is not wrong, it is called loving care, similar to putting your Lamborghini in a garage during a hailstorm
#2 having as many children as the Lord chooses to give you is not motivated by ignorance, rules or any other such thing, again it is love, whether it is 2 children or 19
#3 choosing to live a Christian lifestyle also is not bondage or ignorant, most of this countries founding fathers were Christians, it is what this country is founded on, it takes a lot of courage to live for Christ
#4 this is America, pretty much no one is forced to do much, we all live by our choices here
#5 parents who raise their children by the bible and BELIEVE it are targets, yes targets, the enemy will do anything he can to take them down and ruin their reputation, if there is any weak link, which can be prompted by even a thought, he will attack, the fact that the Duggars have been attacked this way pretty much proves that they have done something right, maybe not your way, maybe not my way, but I do believe they are people of prayer and I do believe they have raised their family the way they know best for their family
#6 everybody thinks they are an expert, but honestly, they usually have way bigger problems than I ever have so I am not impressed,
#7 maybe, just maybe, folks who really are believers actually pray for folks when they fall, maybe we really love them, that includes Josh Duggars wife, maybe she doesn’t need to be rescued, maybe she really loves him and wants him helped, oh my such a thought
I can feel for them, and the true believers will be known by how they respond to things such as this, read your word
so all that said, here is a good article by a dear friend, well said Kelly Liverett Crawford  

Are the Duggars to Blame How Then Should We ParentAs happens every time the public is shocked with news, a vicious manhunt begins for the reasons “why” or “how” this could happen.

It’s no different with the Josh Duggar scandal except for one thing: opponents of homeschooling or evangelical Christian values are using it to perpetuate their already-loathing of these groups of people. That’s to be expected, as illogical as it is.

But some Christians are wondering too, doubting even, if in fact, Duggar’s upbringing could have caused him to plunge headlong into porn addiction and ultimately adultery…… read more here 

fame and fortune?

we had an interesting talk at the supper table last night, the general consensus was, given the opportunity at fame and fortune, if the Lord chose to bless us with fortune maybe yes, but none of us wanted fame, give all that to Jesus

happiness comes from…

loved this
“To John Luke and Mary Kate, I’m so proud of you both, and I wish you all the best in life,” he said. “May you be blessed with many children, wealth, and prosperity– but most importantly, the kind of happiness that can only come from the love of God and of each other. The book of Romans tells us that good things happen to those who love each other and God; so be patient, because in the end it’s all worth it.” ~ Willie Robertson

born again and rules and obedience

Recently there has been news on things that just plain grieve me. But more than the news grieving me are the comments and editorials I see. It amazes me how different the point of view is between folks who have an understanding of God’s love for them and those who don’t. Just maybe, some folks want to live the way they do, maybe it isn’t rules to them, maybe it is love.

Those who truly are born again will honor God because He is God, not just to see what they will get out of it, and they love Him because He first loved us and we have a heart to heart relationship with Him, and we obey Him and His word because we love Him, not because someone says we have to, the Kingdom of God is about love and Freedom, not bondage, if you feel that you have to obey rather than that you GET to obey, you do not get it yet, keep praying … the bible is a love letter, not a set of rules ~ it is all in the viewpoint, it only looks like rules from the outside, step in to His Glory, you will be amazed  ~ Penny Raine

encouraging one another

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

Hebrews 3:13

Have you ever noticed the word “encourage” has the word “courage” in it?