finally Friday :)

Been kind of a long week, how about y’all?

reminderhand_thumb.gifJust a quick reminder, the book sale  27 ebooks for $17 ,

Back to School Savings and Showers of Blessings!

I announced last week is ending today

as it the freebie in my bookstore.

Fridays Freebie Download for Today

The Lilla Rose sale goes through tomorrow evening  :)  . E



yaayy! a Lilla Rose sale

I just love Lilla Rose products, they are pretty and practical, affordable, and God has used this in so many ways to bless so many folks around us.  They really are the worlds best hair clip! Well in my opinion anyway :) .

You can read all about  why I sell Lilla Rose Flexi Clips here.

And you can like my facebook page and see TONS of pictures and join my fun events HERE .

But for today just thought I might share that there are new styles and a sale starting TODAY. Happy Shopping! and if you think Lilla Rose might be a good fit for you too, feel free to get in touch with me by leaving a comment here or email at mail



successful reading

On today’s reading list

JT books

Of course they are excellent, Jeff Testerman and his family are close friends of ours and were just here for a visit, I got to hear first hand about the other books he is working on, good stuff!! reviews coming soon, several are available at Amazon (affiliate link)

Howdy do Monday !

And now it is Monday! We have lots more family things going on this week, but I have some goodies for you too and more in store. First up, my featured house a home book of the week.

Creatively Simple How to Make Your House a Home, available at Amazon.

This is by far one of my favorite ebooks I have written. I am working on some more here lately and will keep you posted.

for right now I have in progress

and of course more still to come this week, what do YOU have planned?

But for now here is a line up of what is to come

disclaimer – you can safely assume that anytime I share a link, it is an affiliate link :) those bless me and you!  Here is what is on the line up …

  • I have joined the, and have great things coming there
  • more giveaways
  • did you get in on the Menu Planning Help from Build a Menu, ?  I will be sharing how it helps
  • Sundays in the South, and Storms in the South
  • and more incredible book reviews, there is one author in particular that I can not get enough of, husband and wife team actually, can you guess who it is? they also have a seminar I am currently enjoying
  • Tennessee Wildlife ~ Singing Frogs, snakes, snapping turtles, and more and I have a video!

and a Flexi Giveaway!!

As a way of announcing THIS great news I am also having a giveaway!

int newsNow Lilla Rose ships internationally!

And Now Lilla Rose accepts PayPal as a payment method.


So the giveaway is  A Flexi of your choice! 

While Lilla Rose now ships International, this giveaway is for US addresses only.

( from my current inventory, which is quite a bit at the moment. )

Although a purchase from Lilla Rose is not required I do have this requirement, you must be listed as my customer on my Lilla Rose site, (choose shop and then in the upper left corner, new account) or just  follow the instructions here below, (click for bigger pic)


if you are a consultant or have been pleased with the service from  another consultant then I encourage you to stick with them :) .  My purpose with these giveaways is to bless you and build my clientele. So if you are new to Lilla Rose or on my customer list, or want to be, then let’s go!justordered1

 I will also share about the new Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose  for August.  There are matching  Lilla Rose bobby pins that look great with lots of clips . If you like it I encourage you to order one ASAP here,   because when the Flexi of the Month comes out it sells out fast.

You can see styling methods and sizing here. 

You can read all about  why I sell Lilla Rose Flexi Clips here.

And you can like my facebook page and see TONS of pictures and join my fun events HERE .

If you are new to Lilla Rose and you choose to purchase 3 or more items I will give you another free, just order the 3 or more and then send me an email requesting your free item. ($16 or under on the free one please)

My giveaway here is open to anyone with a US mailing address, but excluding other Lilla Rose consultants and their customers please :) . Join with the rafflecopter following this beautiful pic of a flexi in action.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday Freebie! and oh boy is it tasty

How about a Friday Freebie  ??  one of my favorite ebooks available free today

Creatively Simple – How to Make Easy Homemade Mocha Cheesecake -

Cheesecake is usually something only made by gourmet cooks. But oh what an impression it makes when served to guests. Cheesecake doesn’t have to be hard. Join me in the kitchen as we make a very easy, yet incredibly tasty Mocha Cheesecake. No special tools are needed, and even the ingredients are easy to come by. not just a recipe, but a very detailed How To ebook with step by step instructions and lots of pictures. This cheesecake tastes so good it could be served in a restaurant, yet it s one of the easiest desserts we have ever made. Make this for someone you want to bless. Regular Price: $4.95

find the download link and more goodies at 

Fridays Freebie Download for Today

here we go for this Friday!! Be sure to also check out my Back to School  Sale!

27 yes 27 of my most favorite books all for only $17  (limited time offer) 

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