YAY!!! a Lilla Rose sale starts this morning at 7 am pacific time

Not only are these THE best hair clips in the world,  but there are tons of styles, they are super durable and being part of this business has been a HUGE blessing to our family, I would just love to share how it can be for you also.

You can read all about  why I sell Lilla Rose Flexi Clips here.

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Love is perfect

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-5)


He is my Peace

and when it is all said and done…
the main goal is to live a life that glorifies God, when we do right, when we do wrong, when we can’t figure things out, when we rejoice, when we mourn, how we respond to His leading… 14 years ago today we had a son pass from this life into eternity… many folks in that position would be angry at God, it really just made us love Him all the more, we were already submitted to Him and had already committed our family unto His purposes, each and every day we have the opportunity to make that commitment again. I choose to follow Jesus. We choose to worship Him. I honestly cannot understand how folks that don’t submit to Him survive…
He is my Peace. ~ Penny Raine

God and family

sometimes you just need to take the day off and hang out with some of your fav girls :)

God is good and I love my family more than words can say

important things

Most important thing I’ve done today  is rocking this sweet little guy to sleep, life is good as Grandma


yay Monday January 25 2016

I love Mondays, new things, making lists, checking them off .
Monday  New starts.

I have a very fun week ahead and after lots of very yucky weather it looks like it will be a beautiful day. More winter is coming of course but today it will be like Spring.

So here goes.

#1 a Lilla Rose Sale starts tonight at midnight, and you can even get a free gift with a $50 order, there are new items and things on sale . Get you wish list ready, when the sale starts folks go nuts! There are plenty of supplies on hand but you still never know so be prepared .  Here is  the shopping site, http://www.lillarose.biz/pennyraine    make sure you already have an account, if not go to shop now then click account in the top right corner.

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national pie day, have some pie!

Yay!! it is national pie day!! Have some pie!


10 reasons why direct sales are blessing my friendships

Direct sales business opportunities are kinda funny, either folks love them, and buy into 5 or 10, or they hate them and avoid all mention of them like the plague. I recently read this article

Direct Sales Are Ruining My Friendships

that said it was even ruining her friendships. I find that sad. But I want to share that it doesn’t have to be that way. I am a director with a not yet well known company, successful but still somewhat young, less than 10 years old. I am one of 8 directors and there are about 5000 consultants. However, I have had exactly the opposite experience of the woman in the article, and many others, and I want to say that it is possible. Here are 10 reasons why, it is a sequel to to “Why I sell”

summer fun LR 10 reasons

#1 I choose a company that does not make false claims, NOBODY has the market on good health, and NO ONE PRODUCT will heal everything, but many will say that theirs does which means right off the bat they are lying, yep lying and that is no way to treat a friendship, neither is it good business practice.  The product I sell won’t heal anything, except maybe a bad hair day.

#2 I choose to put my relationships first and business second, that is just who I am, I won’t take advantage of folks because God won’t bless that.

#3 I myself believe you will be blessed by what I share and how I share it with you.

#4 I want you to achieve your goals, not help me with mine. I want you to feel pretty and simplify your schedule. If you choose to join me in my business I want it to be in a way that works for YOU. I am blessed by your success whether that be by setting goals for family life or by operating a successful income producing business. If you take something I teach and use it in a way that benefits your family even if it does not earn me a dime I am still blessed because family is a very high priority to me, and I love to see others succeed that way also.

#5 If you do want to makes tons of money I can show you how to do that, but as your friend I will also remind you to keep your priorities straight. And if you never want to make any money just buy a couple gifts I am good with that too.

#6 My business group is a community. I often share that our starter kit which has retail value of  more than you pay ($49)  is worth it just for he fellowship of the gals in my group, but you also get the $49 + worth of goodies.

#7 I respect my friends, if they want to hear about what I do great but if not I still value them.

#8 I won’t mislead you, feel free to ask to see my paychecks, I will show and tell you honestly why the good months worked and what I was busy with in the slower months, although my checks are pretty consistent. I will offer advice, support and prayer :)

#9 I won’t ask you to spam your friends, in fact I will ask you not to. I will encourage you to share with your friends how you have been blessed and then let it sit. I also don’t encourage begging.

#10 I love my friends and team members I want to see them succeed in every area of life and I desire to give lots of gifts, which is the best part of being successful, I get to give away lots!
Now, if you want to hear about my business I am happy to share, but that was not the point of this article, the point was to say that it is possible to be part of a direct sales business and do it reputably and keep your friends, and even add more.

For those who might want to know, I am an independent director with Lilla Rose, you can find more info here http://www.lillarose.biz/pennyraine

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how you live your life defines you

Don’t let a game define who you are, let how you live your lives define who you are” ~ from the movie  When the Game Stands Tall




on the same note, don’t let your wins or your losses, or your riches or your poverty, or your good days or your bad days, or your anything define you, let your love for God and others define you, that is what you will be remembered for, none of us lives here forever, but if we do it right who we are will continue to speak long after we are gone ~ Penny

regrets or rewards?

regrets or rewards? what are you living for? Francs Chan explains eternity

Posted by Penny Raine on Wednesday, January 6, 2016