all talk leads down some sort of path

Have you ever thought about how your words affect situations?

Have you ever thought about how your words affect people?

Have you ever thought about how your words affect your own life?

Forest road. Landscape for background

Words carry weight, whether we want to admit it or not. And they either bless or curse ourselves or others.

So if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. And yes truth and even a rebuke can be said in a nice and productive way depending on your motive.

Have a really blessed day!! And know that you are loved!!


celebrate the Lilla Rose Sale with a chance to win!

Well there is a great sale in progress, but it will be over in a flash, so for those who missed out how about a giveaway.


So the giveaway is  A Flexi of your choice! 

While Lilla Rose now ships International, this giveaway is for US addresses only.

( if you have won before you can choose from my current inventory, which is quite a bit at the moment. )

Although a purchase from Lilla Rose is not required I do have this requirement, you must be listed as my customer on my Lilla Rose site, (choose shop and then in the upper left corner, new account) or just  follow the instructions here below, (click for bigger pic)


if you are a consultant or have been pleased with the service from  another consultant then I encourage you to stick with them :) .  My purpose with these giveaways is to bless you and build my clientele. So if you are new to Lilla Rose or on my customer list, or want to be, then let’s go!justordered1

I will also share about the new Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose  for September.  There is a matching  Lilla Rose headband that looks great with lots of clips . If you like it I encourage you to order one ASAP here,   because when the Flexi of the Month comes out it sells out fast.

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You can see styling methods and sizing here. 

You can read all about  why I sell Lilla Rose Flexi Clips here.

And you can like my facebook page and see TONS of pictures and join my fun events HERE .

If you are new to Lilla Rose and you choose to purchase 3 or more items I will give you another free, just order the 3 or more and then send me an email requesting your free item. ($16 or under on the free one please)

My giveaway here is open to anyone with a US mailing address, but excluding other Lilla Rose consultants and their customers please :) . Join with the rafflecopter following this beautiful pic of a flexi in action.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

yay!! a Lilla Rose Flash Sale

get it while you can it will be over in a flash

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value others above yourselves


feel free to share wall PH2

will Apple’s iPhone 6 break the internet?

Well the news is out,


here it comes, September 19


At its special media event, Apple announced the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Both devices will launch on September 19 in the first wave of countries, with pre-orders starting on September 12.
And I thought for sure the internet was acting wacky last week, and you know what, I was right. It was the day this was announced. Because I know someone who works at a cell provider and he did indeed say there were numerous comments about all systems being overloaded.
So what to expect on Friday? Probably Chaos. Because unfortunately the world revolves around whatever is trendy. When it should revolve around what is real, and true, and everlasting.

when Monday sleeps in

I love Mondays, but this one seemed like it didn’t want to wake up. I woke up just fine, but the day seemed like it didn’t want to. I love this time of year when the leaves start changing, and the mornings are cool, and the coffee tastes extra good. But it isn’t quite that time of year yet. Almost, but not quite. So this morning was dreary. Not summer. Not fall. And not awake. I was awake. But the day wasn’t. The roosters wren’t even crowing.  But then, the fog lifted, and the sun came out, and wow, here we go. It didn’t actually wake up till about 9:30 am, but now it looks like a lovely day. Good thing I had a nice to do list today. Otherwise I might have gone back to bed. But I didn’t. Because I love Mondays :)


So what is on your schedule this week?

I have plans to post a Lilla Rose giveaway.

And to share about a cause that is SO close to my heart.

And to share with you some reviews about great books I have been reading.

And I have some very interesting articles coming up. Topics include; Organizing, Purging, Peace, and Crayons!  Believe it or not they all tie together.

And I am in a purging mood. I have goals today and this coming week to clear some space, in my surroundings, on my websites, and in my head, too much going on, and I am back to that theme of simplifying life. If you are successful at this I would love to hear about it!



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