do or don’t do

trying is not doing, and many times saying you are trying is just an excuse, doing is setting a goal, having a plan, and working that plan, make a decision and do! ~ Penny Raine

rest it is important

I have been realizing the importance of rest this year.

“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

IS 4031

Lilla Rose sale is ending tonight

Well my goodness you would have thought this was a Black Friday sale! It all ends tonight and it has been tons of fun! If you love hair accessories and you love folks and you would be blessed by some extra income you might consider becoming a Lilla Rose consultant. I have room for you on my team of nearly 300. I have a group that pitches in and helps one another and it feels like family. We have a bigger business group that shares anything and everything you might need to succeed and again even though that group is thousands, they feel like family. I love what I do. 2016062000_02mail head

Not only are these THE best hair clips in the world,  but there are tons of styles, they are super durable and being part of this business has been a HUGE blessing to our family, I would just love to share how it can be for you also.

You can read all about  why I sell Lilla Rose Flexi Clips here.

And you can like my facebook page and see TONS of pictures and join my fun events HERE .

become a Lilla Rose independant consultant

just say no to competition

all make it

Lilla Rose news!!

new news but I can’t tell you until 7 pacific time, check my site for info, I have a hint though, you will be seeing stars and then some!

this is just a taste test

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I need Monday!

long fun weekend, now I NEED Monday, lol

Monday Nov

facebook tip

do current events that are heatedly discussed on facebook ever get to you? opinions, debates, even among friends can become too much really quickly, and not only make you weary but can tempt folks to become overly sarcastic and sometimes just plain mean,
if you are tired of it I have a tip for you 🙂  don’t “like” posts for 2-3 days, or only like a couple daily, read, pray, converse, whatever, you can probably get by with some comments, but then the things you see will change, drastically, and most likely become civil again 🙂 I have been doing this since the beginning of the year and it works ~ Penny Raine

Mom loves you

if my Mom were still here I would be telling her Happy Birthday. Never ever underestimate how much a Mom means to your life or take her for granted. Especially if you know she loves you 🙂

my public service announcement for the day in the midst of all the craziness, carry on …..

June evenings

Such a lovely time of day 🙂

june evening

excuses, excuses, excuses

if folks put half as much effort into making an effort as they do making excuses maybe they would actually get somewhere ~ Penny Raine