free shipping Tropical Traditions today and this weekend

free shipping  Tropical Traditions has the best in Coconut Products, and today there is free shipping! If you have read my many reviews before you  know that not only are we huge fans of Coconut Oil, but we specifically use Tropical Traditions Gold Label coconut Oil. If you are on the Trim Healthy Mama or any healthy eating plan you already know the many benefits.

A minimum order of $12.99 is required.

NOTE: To take advantage of this special, you MUST enter coupon code 34312 in your cart before checking out and choose either Ground or SmartPost from the drop down list of shipping options!

Use my link here and get a free book if you are a first time customer, you get a free book and I get a gift certificate for referring you, pretty nice huh? There is also TONS of info and recipes.

    They also now have essential oils!
    And there are other things on sale, including those incredible dried Blueberries :)

menu help?

Who needs menu help for the weekend? Well I have it, coming up next.

God is good!

All the time. Everywhere. Every day.

God is good.

And He knows your thoughts, and heard you say, “yeah but, you don’t know what I am going through” . You are right I might not, but He does. And he is still good, and whether you are going through it because of your own doing, or maybe it is something beyond your control, and maybe you think He has abandoned you, and maybe you even deserve that, or not, either way He is still there. With your best interests at heart, wanting to bless you with more of Himself.

God is good!!

lazy lazy Monday

Yes it was a lazy Monday, because it was a fun weekends and I wasn’t ready for it to end. I am not a real big birthday person when it comes to my own, but this was nice :) and my family was lots of fun, and I sure do love them.  And that is what it is all about sharing that love, and then telling them where it comes from. Jesus.

A homeJust a reminder I still have some giveaways in progress, and a few more coming along this week. And some more  great reviews coming up so stay tuned.

It is actually snowing this morning, but on it’s way out and cook #4 is making me incredible waffles this morning, and oh my goodness I need to share pics from my birthday dinner, cook #1 make Chinese food and boy was it yummy.  So anyway…

After this cold front leaves we have a beautiful week ahead. Let’s continue down last weeks list. disclaimer – you can safely assume that anytime I share a link, it is an affiliate link :) those bless me and you!

  • more giveaways, from Kits Naturals, Lilla Rose, and more
  • Menu Planning Help from Build a Menu
  • Sundays in the South
  • Learning Spanish, I have THE best program to share with you!
  • and more incredible book reviews, there is one author in particular that I can not get enough of, husband and wife team actually, can you guess who it is?
  • Tennessee Wildlife ~ Singing Frogs

yet another Lilla Rose Sale!

Oh my goodness, 2 in one month, this is unusual. These make great gifts! Good time to stock up.


Flexi Clips from Lilla Rose are THE best hair clips!  Super pretty and they work! And it is on sale! wow, love that more! and I bet they will sell out fast, don’t take your time on this one get your at my Lilla Rose site, and if you wonder why I sell these, here I share all about it why I sell Lilla Rose Flexi Clips

You can see styling methods and sizing here. 

And you can like my facebook page and see TONS of pictures and join my fun events HERE .


and the Spring birthdays are done

Well the Spring Birthdays are done for now, well except for mine. Mine is always the last of the long string of Spring Birthdays. Now let my catch my breath and I will have some more fun here. I have some more things this week to share with you. And we were blessed to see a prescreening of Mom’s Night Out last night, I have a review coming but I will first share this, it was good, I mean the producers must have been spying on me for the last 25 years of parenting good. Somebody knows a Mommas’s heart and wrote about it good.  Right down to this quote below, and I will share a lovely birthday cake picture to go with it.


If at first you don’t succeed,

sit down,

eat cake,

then try again.


have a blessed day!

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