pick a side and stand for something

It is impossible to create peace between light and darkness, Jesus and Satan, truth and a lie, so pick a side and own it. ~ Penny Raine

Evening Sky

#Stopwavering #lukewarmisvomit #onthefencemakesyouasittingduck

January flowers

because Jesus loves me

cowgirls and attitudes

at my house we don’t raise wimpy gals 🙂

keeping up with the Joneses .. or not

it is impossible to “keep up with the Jones” because most of the time they don’t know where they are going, it is always better to just keep up with Jesus because wherever He is going, He has already been there and knows the way  ~ Penny Raine

on the right track

When you are really REALLY asking God to do something bigger than you, and it is His will according to His Word, and the exact opposite happens, be encouraged, it means you are on the right track, don’t give up, get even more determined.
~ Penny Raine

motherhood is not a sprint

motherhood is not a sprint … it is an endurance race, with hurdles, and quicksand, and hidden snipers, but take heart Moms you have a huge tribe of other moms cheering you on  
~ Penny Raine

old goals new goals

from last year … think I will do the same for 2017
my goals for today
#1 worship God
#2 love my family
#3 say NO to anyone who says, “can I vent a minute?”
#4 say yes to anyone who asks for prayer
#5 not hold it against folks who say the dumbest things
#6 love those same folks anyway
#7 go for a walk even if it is super cold
#8 bless all my folks I do business with
#9 let go of things I can’t change
#10 move forward on goals for 2016 with determination and pitbull faith 🙂
haha do and repeat !! ~ Penny Raine 

what would you do with extra income?

I recently asked this question on my facebook page

working on some business training, and would love your input, I am not going to msg you or try to sell you anything, just asking for general info, here is the question, if you had an extra $1000 a month for a year or so how would YOU use it?

90% of the answers were about getting out of debt. I have to wonder why folks got there in the first place. I know there can be several reasons, but maybe some extra income can help to not only get us out of debt but prevent it! Either way I love my direct sales business and would love to share more. You can read all about  why I sell Lilla Rose Flexi Clips here.

daughters and horses

that moment when your daughter goes out to the pasture and texts you saying she found the perfect barrel horse … and you are waiting to find out which of your horses she just claimed …

aww yes the one who is super fast but somewhat crazy so we have been using her as a broodmare … can she do it?

income and fellowship

who wants to own their own business this year? great income and fellowship, ask me!