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Thanksgiving Blessings 2015

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The internet is a wonderful thing, giving us information at out fingertips any time of the day or night. Trouble is not all of that information is true. History has been re-written and facts that were facts are now considered opinions. And God’s Word has been taken out of most of it. Join me as we take a look at topics using His word and focusing on the one truth that never changes. Thanksgiving has historical roots that are getting harder to verify every year but one theme that remains constant is that the Lord told His people over and over to be thankful in all things. At all times. Join me as we explore thankfulness from a biblical point of view with activities for the whole family. Christian ebook approx 34 pages with pictures – ebook download This the first of a new series called the Family Bible study. – See more at: http://pennyraine.com/bookstore


how to succeed

life isn’t about trying to get what you can get, or taking advantage, Jesus said in Matthew 20:16 “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” and in Matthew 10:39 He says “Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.”
it really is about giving, let the other person get the best end of the deal, serving.. and not being selfish, or trying to make yourself look better than others, because in the end too much pride will only put you at the bottom… this is how you succeed, in relationships, in family, in business and in life .. go the extra mile for someone other than yourself and see how it works out  
~ Penny Raine

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morning light

Good morning! Love when the sun comes over the hill and lights everything up. 


broken families and Holidays

Not everyone is joyful around the Holidays. Many times they are downright unhappy, and some even angry. Ever tried to get a parking space at the last minute before a Holiday? And you know what? Lots of folks are hurting. Maybe it is the commercials, or sitcoms that give folks unrealistic expectations, or maybe because they really have done it all right and others did them wrong, or maybe because life just seems unfair sometimes. I know personally after losing both parents that days like Mothers Day and Father’s Day are hard, bittersweet, missing them and sometimes filled with tears. Most of us have someone we miss for whatever reason, and yes even after you “cowboy up” dust it off, overcome, and all that, sometimes there is still sadness or pain. You don’t give in to it, but it is still very real and not imagined. Jesus felt pain for others and the word tells us there is healing for the brokenhearted so that tells me it is real and not imagined.

Families can be broken in lots of ways, lost loved ones, passed away loved ones, divorce, distant lives, arguments and disagreements, different lifestyles, different beliefs, you name it, it sometimes happens beyond our control and cannot be fixed. Of course the perfect answer is for everyone to become madly in love with Jesus and have compassion towards everyone, but hey that doesn’t happen overnight, and today is here, now. And more specifically Thanksgiving is 2 days away, and even though I have lots of faith I don’t believe everyone’s family troubles will be solved in the next 2 days. And honestly some folks are more easily loved from a distance while they work things out on their own.


So. How to cope?

The first step, is said to yourself, “it’s ok”. It really is. It may not be perfect, but is ok.

It is often something that cannot be changed.

If it can be changed then change it. Love, repent, apologize, whatever, if it can be fixed fix it. But if not then know that it will still be ok. Thursday the sun will still rise in the east and Jesus will still be on the throne and it will be ok.

Share the love you have with whomever is present to accept it.

I love my children, love them more than my own life, and often the Lord uses them personally in mighty ways. They know me, they know my hurts and weaknesses and Jesus uses them often to speak to me. My perfect vacation would be spent with all of my children and their spouses and all of my grandchildren. We came close to that a couple of times, but folks work, and sometimes they just don’t all want to do the same thing at the same time. One year I was really trying way too hard to put it all together and it just wasn’t working, and I actually said out loud, “I just want vacation with my family.” One of my 3 remaining children at home said, “Mom, we are your family, let’s just us go.” Wow, what a thought. Perfectionist me was missing the point. It wasn’t really important to everyone else and I was missing spending time with the ones that is was important to. So, that is the message.

This Holiday, even though things may be broken, there is something or someone who wants to spend time with you. If no one on earth then remember Jesus is always ready willing and able to spend time with you. Enjoy that. Relish that. Rejoice in that. There will be tomorrow for crying and missing, and remembering, but today, or rather this Thanksgiving Day, rejoice in what you are thankful for and for those who choose to or are able to spend it with you. I am not talking about a plastic smile or a false front. I am talking about opening your heart to the joys that are waiting for you, the love that is available to you. Maybe there will even be some healing. Remember, always, you are loved.

fun week ahead

very fun week ahead, after a very fun weekend spent at the Christmas in the Country fun in Lawrenceburg, we had lots of fun, helped a ton of folks  and saw lots of old friends, God is sooo good! … up this week,

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the Heavens declare

The Heavens declare the Glory of God  …  I love the way He paints

TN sunsets

lovin Lilla Rose

love hearing things like this from my Lilla Rose Team members —

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