10 things you can do NOW to reduce your stress level

We all have stress, good stress, bad stress, sometimes necessary and sometimes not. We all also suffer the consequences of harmful affects on our bodies from too much stress at times. So no matter what the stress is from, here are 10 helpful ways to relieve some of it, things you can do now, today in 10 mins or less.


  1. walk, walk fast, walk slow, either way works, outside is best but even inside helps
  2. sit for a few minutes and enjoy some cold water somewhere pretty
  3. reflect and thank the Lord for the blessings in your life
  4. shower, oh my,  a long shower does wonders for me
  5. prayer, goes without saying
  6. sing, yep something fun
  7. call a friend, the kind who won’t let you whine, and will encourage you
  8. do your hair, or your nails or anything that makes you feel pretty… might try a Flexi Clip with a new style
  9. close your eyes, just a few minutes of down time, you will be amazed, it works wonders
  10. meditate on a favorite scripture, have several ready, run to them when you feel the stress closing in

Bonus tip

Find yourself a creative outlet, do not make a career out of it, just something that you enjoy that can be done in small bites of 10 minutes or less. No deadlines, or pressure, this is supposed to relieve stress not cause it.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  Philippians 4:6


Finally, Real Help Without the Hype for Your Direct Sales Business

We’ve all seen it.

A Direct Sales dream story where the work-from-home lady makes millions and travels the world on her own schedule without ever having to miss her kid’s soccer practice. We wonder if it is really just a dream?

BUT we’ve also seen…

The woman working what seems like 24/7, not making much return on her effort, always posting desperately on Facebook and then her friends start avoiding her. We wonder if all of the direct sales opportunities would become a nightmare like that?

For many women, Direct Sales is the answer to real life challenges. Maybe they:

  • Have a job they can’t stand but need to replace the income
  • Need to contribute financially while also caring for the kids or for aging parents
  • Have a child with special needs or an illness that requires more days off than a traditional job would allow
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and thrive on the freedom of building something all their own
  • Have debt they are committed to paying off once and for all and want to speed up the process
  • Had an unexpected life change through a spouse’s death or a divorce
  • Needing to retire but don’t have enough money saved to do so without drastically changing their lifestyle

Direct Sales can be a great solution to each of these needs! It offers freedom, a level playing field regardless of race, gender, education level, background, or track record. When Direct Sales is done right, it can change lives, help people achieve their dreams, and make it possible for them to give generously to others.

But you also know that one day you can see the vision and the next day, after a “no-show” or just a rude “no” you’re tempted to throw in the towel. It can be TOUGH building your own Direct Sales business. Don’t make it any tougher than it has to be!

Join me for a training where we will learn from the TOP Christian women leaders in Direct Sales. Why make our own mistakes doing it the hard way when we can learn from THEIR mistakes & successes and build our business much faster?

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Recap: (Check which one you want)

______  Go slow by figuring it all out on your own, possibly taking years off of your life

______  Go fast by joining me at the iBloom Direct Sales Marketing Webinar and learn from the TOP Christian Women Leaders in Direct Sales

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fancy words and wisdom

fancy words don’t make you wise, nor do they prove you have wisdom, wisdom comes from God, and the respect and love you have for Him prove your wisdom, or the lack thereof   ~ Penny Raine

who needs some Holiday spending money?

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ebooks by Penny Raine

in the process of updating but my bookstore is operational 🙂 if you have any problems with downloading just let me know
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next to salvation, family is the greatest gift God gives us, don’t take it for granted, it is a gift of grace we don’t deserve ~ Penny Raine

is the church really the church?

if the church (body of believers) has no problem with a lot of things that Jesus does have a problem with, are they really the church? ~ Penny Raine

what we do with the gifts God gives us matters

some days you are just moving right along and doing what you do without much thought, then all of a sudden God smacks you upside of the head and says “hey! this is important!! don’t lose focus!! don’t take things for granted!! ” today was one of those days, after 27 years of homeschooling I am reminded again why we do what we do, and why it is so important, eternal lives depend upon our obedience heart because what we do with the gifts God gives us matters

personal God with a personal plan

our God is personal, with a God ordained personal plan for each and every one of us, including all the talents gifts and skills needed to complete that plan.. being jealous of someone else’s plan and gifts and talents, will not give you their rewards, it will only keep you from getting yours ~ Penny Raine

well done? or good start?

when you pat someone on the back and say “good job” “well done” and give them an A+ when they really have only accomplished 10% of what they should have, not only do you sabotage their future but you keep them from reaching their potential and what God has called them to, lets stop giving prizes to folks to have not yet succeeded in reaching the goals, there is a huge difference between cheering them on to victory and giving a medal of accomplishment for a job not yet finished ~ Penny Raine