Some days it seems like instead of us squeezing the dime, the dime is squeezing us. So every once in awhile it helps to bounce ideas off of one another. There are of course thousands of ways to save money so this is not meant to be a complete list. But rather something to get you thinking! Have fun and get creative. These ideas are in no particular order, but in the book that they come from, they are put in categories and explained further. Hope you enjoy! This is just the list and study guide with questions, the complete book a different product and includes this same material. 4 pages ebook download

Price: $2.95


  1. I have looked at several of your blogs/titles and do not understand how to view or read anything. The title clicks, but then all I see is this comment spot – very puzzled.

  2. Where can I learn about the whole book?

  3. Chris, I am still adding things, you might refresh your page, if you are interested in any of the items you can purchase the sampler package and get nearly everything for the price of one item. I will be putting individual purchase buttons up Monday. thanks for your comment

  4. Dineen, as soon as it is released it will be announced on the mailing list.
    thanks or your comments
    blessings, Penny


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