I’m Penny

Mom to 8 and grandma to 15.

There once was a Mom, who finally understood what the Cross was all about when she had her first child. She knew that she and her husband had not always lived to please the Lord, but still, He chose to give them the most precious gift ever. One they did not deserve. One so valuable no one can ever do anything good enough to deserve it. He gave them the gift of a child. She suddenly knew what love was, that overwhelming, makes you cry, true and Holy love, all wrapped up like a gift. Like Hannah of the bible she truly was grateful and vowed to raise her children for the Lord. Her and her husband were blessed with 7 more, and each one was as precious a gift as the first. She took to mothering like it was a calling, because she knew it was. She loved to create and she loved to serve and she loved design, and she loved business, but all of that took back seat to raising her children to love Jesus. He was the most important thing to her and she was so in awe at how giving He was to her. She could never repay Him for the gifts He had given her, yet her heart was determined to be faithful with those gifts. She would give anything and everything for her family, not because she had to but because she loved to. She prayed daily that they would grow to know and obey the voice of the Lord. And one by one they found Him, and one by one they grew. And now they have their own families, and she prays that they see the gift in loving Jesus and appreciate all the gifts He gives them, and that they pass it on with all they have. Now the Mom has a bit more time to create, and design, and share with others about how to turn things into home business, or just a home life they love.

That Mom… would be me.

You can watch how I walk it out and learn from the things the Lord has shown me, I am blessed by sharing and my heart is to be to you that person I needed during the years of motherhood that seemed overwhelming. You don’t have to be stressed.
I would love to help you feel beautiful and become successful.
“Home” is my favorite word.

My Favs

Fav Coffee

Dutch Brothers Kicker

Fav TV Show

Shark Tank

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Grace & Lace

Fav HOliday


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