before Amy Fleming

Before there was Amy Fleming there were Raine girls

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Life is about …

life is really not all about justifying our own opinions, life should be about obeying His Word, because next to that our opinions are worthless ~ Penny Raine

missing family members and Holidays

when you have missing family members, Holidays can be especially hard, I really really miss my Mom, and others, but yesterday was very nice, my family that celebrated with me is such a blessing, (thanks, y’all!) we overcome by focusing on the blessings of the moment, and being purposely grateful, there is healing in Jesus if you want it, sometimes it takes awhile, and His timing is best, but it is there, and He is faithful, I got through the day with no tears, and lots of joy, yay!
~ Penny Raine

busy bees

Feeling about as busy as these bees this week, as a matter of fact my week so far has been full of bees, hay, berries, grandchildren, barnwood, horses, trailers, trucks, scheduling rodeos, mom’s day, ice cream, lots of prayers and more, all good, tell me something good going on in your life 🙂

these bees had decided to make a hive near our fruit trees, since our neighbor raises bees we gave him a call, he came over and did his thing, and they are now happily living at his house, I love folks who know what they are doing

hope in God

What are your plans on this beautiful Sunday? Yay!!!!
Such a good reminder here from 1 Timothy 6:17 Where is your hope?

Jesus adds

So today, one of my granddaughters turns 4, she understands that means she won’t be 3 anymore and that is cause for great concern in her little life. I have tried and tried to explain that 3+1 is 4 which means she is getting another not losing anything, but she just keeps saying she is losing 3. How often are we as believers just like that? We are happy and blessed to have what God has given us but aprehensive when He wants to give us more, we worry. He has great days for us ahead, wonderful things and experiences that may be challenging but all in His plan, we just have to say yes to them, and know that He is adding to the richness of our lives not taking anything away. He is the creator of time. ~ Penny Raine


I have determined that time is one of the most valuable things we have, you can’t make more of it and wasted time can not be recovered, spend your time wisely and on the things most important, you will never have this day or this exact season in your life again, make it count ~ Penny Raine

happiness and success

happiness and success come from making God’s plan your plan, not the other way around ~ Penny Raine

Mondays and birthdays

monday monday monday after a very blessed weekend full of family

birthday joy :)

birthdays, birthdays, as far as the eye can see, one of the joys of a big family ..