yet another Lilla Rose Sale!

Oh my goodness, 2 in one month, this is unusual. These make great gifts! Good time to stock up.


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and the Spring birthdays are done

Well the Spring Birthdays are done for now, well except for mine. Mine is always the last of the long string of Spring Birthdays. Now let my catch my breath and I will have some more fun here. I have some more things this week to share with you. And we were blessed to see a prescreening of Mom’s Night Out last night, I have a review coming but I will first share this, it was good, I mean the producers must have been spying on me for the last 25 years of parenting good. Somebody knows a Mommas’s heart and wrote about it good.  Right down to this quote below, and I will share a lovely birthday cake picture to go with it.


If at first you don’t succeed,

sit down,

eat cake,

then try again.


have a blessed day!

and it’s another Birthday Monday!

Well my my it is Monday again, and guess what? Yep, more birthdays! One yesterday and 2 today. Then we are pretty much done for awhile except mine next weekend. What fun. Lots of parties! And since everyone gets together for all of them makes it even better.


How about this for a featured book on a Birthdays week, one of my books at Amazon.. More parties coming up, so I will have lots more fun like this book to share soon enough. We think birthdays are a celebration of life.

Well, we have a beautiful week ahead. so we will continue down last weeks list. disclaimer – you can safely assume that anytime I share a link, it is an affiliate link :) those bless me and you!

  • more giveaways, from Kits Naturals,Lilla Rose, and more
  • Menu Planning Help from Build a Menu
  • Sundays in the South
  • Blogging party continues!
  • Learning Spanish
  • and more incredible book reviews, there is one author in particular that I can not get enough of, husband and wife team actually, can you guess who it is?
  • Tennessee Wildlife ~ Singing Frogs

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Welcome all of my new blogging friends!! I am joining in with the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party once again. If you like reading blogs or blogging yourself join in and find some new friends. For those of you who are new here I will introduce myself. Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Let me see, to introduce myself. Well obviously my name is Penny Raine, I am momma to 8 youngins, Grandmomma to 5 so far. I am also wife to minister hubby known locally as “jumpin Jim” we have been married since ’86, goodness how many years IS THAT? We all live on a horse farm in Mid TN where our favorite thing to do is worship the Lord. I spend my time encouraging other mothers young and old, and writing books and magazine articles that do the same. Come by and visit my bookstore, I am constantly adding new ebooks. I am also a Lilla Rose consultant and love it and have lots of Flexi Clip giveaways!


I blog mostly about family life and motherhood and all of the incredible things my daughters cook up. We live on a farm so you might hear a horse or cow or chicken story in there too. I also do some product reviews of things I like and book reviews from some of my favorite authors. My “family” and “cookin it up” categories have the most amount of posts so I guess that sums it up pretty well. “Word of the Day” is right up there too so you can surely expect to hear how Jesus fits into our daily lives and the things He shares with me as I journey through the seasons of Motherhood.

have your cake and eat it too

We love to celebrate life around my house. We don’t celebrate Christmas or any of the other big things many folks do except Thanksgiving, we do that one up big. We think celebrations should truly be a celebration of what you are celebrating, not an “In name only” thing. In other words on Thanksgiving Day we have a feast and Thank the Lord! And most of the other Holidays really have nothing to do with what folks think or say they are doing. Anyway, we do Birthdays big. And with such a wonderful big crowd we do them often. And it is fun, lots of fun. And we make cakes, creative, party cakes. And folks always ask how we can get away with eating such goodness. Well here goes, I am going to share.


First of all, even if you are on a strict eating plan, or a special this or that, remember that every day has it’s priorities. If sticking to your plan every day is high priority then be stricter about the way you bake. If making somebody’s favorite is important then work in the healthy stuff as best as you can. Remember a celebration is a celebration, but there is always tomorrow too. Either enjoy somedayscakewith no guilt or follow the rules, only you know how the Lord is prompting for you. Pray about it. Did I just say pray about cake? I sure did! Ask the Lord to set your boundaries, do not condemn yourself, nor glutton yourself. 

rcakesigSecond, most cakes can be made much more healthy by substituting some ingredients. You may lose a little texture or color or it may be even better. Experiment! Creating is half of the fun, or we think so anyway. Whole wheat can be ground fine enough for cake, it will even make it a bit more filling actually and I think gives it a nice texture. Other flours can be used, and even beans! Check out some gluten free recipes for ideas even if you are not sticking to a gluten free diet. Anything other than white processed flour is  a good start. Then there are the oils and sweeteners. Throw out the margarine and shortening, use real butter or coconut oil. There are many many sweeteners besides white sugar. We most often will use raw demerara sugar. You can even grind it finer and use in place of powdered sugar for frostings. You can also use something like the new Trim Healthy Mama sweet blend for baking. I just got some in but must admit I have not tried it yet. Use fresh or at least organic eggs and milk. Avoid canned anything or processed anything.


Thirdly watch those toppings and extras. We like to put candies on top of cakes, we also make ice cream cakes. You can easily substitute homemade candy and homemade ice cream. It isn’t hard to make either. Fresh fruit is another wonderful naturally sweet and colorful topping, as is organic shredded coconut like the kind we get from Tropical Traditions.

Are you getting the point? You can choose what goes in your cake, you can make it as healthy as you want it to be. It isn’t hard, experiment, have fun! Create!

I would love to hear about the ways you create cakes!

~ this post does include a few affiliate links that bless me and you and all of my pictures are copyrighted, ask before borrowing please or feel free to use with my link attached on it, thanks so much

coming up, have your cake and eat it to!

One thing we are famous for around here is cake, and we are right in the thick of  cake   I mean Birthday season, so I am going to show you how we get away with it all :)

stay tuned …

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