hope in God

What are your plans on this beautiful Sunday? Yay!!!!
Such a good reminder here from 1 Timothy 6:17 Where is your hope?

Jesus adds

So today, one of my granddaughters turns 4, she understands that means she won’t be 3 anymore and that is cause for great concern in her little life. I have tried and tried to explain that 3+1 is 4 which means she is getting another not losing anything, but she just keeps saying she is losing 3. How often are we as believers just like that? We are happy and blessed to have what God has given us but aprehensive when He wants to give us more, we worry. He has great days for us ahead, wonderful things and experiences that may be challenging but all in His plan, we just have to say yes to them, and know that He is adding to the richness of our lives not taking anything away. He is the creator of time. ~ Penny Raine


I have determined that time is one of the most valuable things we have, you can’t make more of it and wasted time can not be recovered, spend your time wisely and on the things most important, you will never have this day or this exact season in your life again, make it count ~ Penny Raine

happiness and success

happiness and success come from making God’s plan your plan, not the other way around ~ Penny Raine

Mondays and birthdays

monday monday monday after a very blessed weekend full of family

birthday joy :)

birthdays, birthdays, as far as the eye can see, one of the joys of a big family ..

God of hope

hoping you have a blessed weekend  full of joy and peace and Him

rest will increase productivity and creativeness

Did you know that if you will take a bit of time to rest, you will not only be more productive but also more creative? You know how I have said a million times that I get the best ideas while in the shower? Because it is relaxing. And we all know how some fresh air and a short walk outside will actually refocus your brain. There is a common thread there. If the RPMs are constantly at the red line, your vehicle won’t last long, the same goes for you.

perfect brown rice made in the Instant Pot

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Is it possible you are tired of hearing about what I mastered in the Instant Pot today? I didn’t think so 🙂 , so here goes, this was super simple and really good.

place 2 T extra virgin olive oil and 2 dices cloves of garlic in the Instant Pot and press saute. As soon as it is hot add 1 cup rinsed and well drained brown rice. (Not the intstant or quick kind) Stir and saute for about 2 minutes. Then add 1.5 cups water. Stop, add the lid and then use the manual setting for pressure, high pressure for 15 mins, when it is complete, let sit for 5 more minuntes then quick release the remaining steam. Open, stir, and tell me if that isn’t the best brown rice you have ever had.

yummy greek yogurt in the instant pot

(this post contains affiliate links, which means they give me a perk to share them)

Since we have milk again, in case you missed it this happened, twice 🙂  so,

as I was saying we have milk again, and I have been wanting to try yogurt in the Instant Pot, so this seemed a good time. I like to do things as easy as I can get away with, so I started with this method and it turned out great, no I didn’t actually mean great I meant SUPER GREAT! Tastes like mild cream cheese. I put 1 gallon cold raw milk in the Instant Pot, put the lid on, push yogurt then adjust till is says boil. Let it boil. Since this is not a pressure process you can remove the lid and whisk every once in a while so it heats evenly. When it is done you should check the temp. You want 180-185. Since I didn’t have the right thermometer I assumed it was right. It worked this time but just in case I went ahead and ordered this one.

Then you take the inner pot out and set it on a cooling rack or trivet and let cool for about 30 mins, again you should take it’s temp, but again I assumed we were ok. It can be a bit cool but it cannot be too warm. If there is a skin remove it and feed to the kitty. Then I took about 1 measuring cup of Kroger brand lowfat plain greek yogurt and put in a mixing bowl with about 1 -2 cups of the boiled milk. Stir this well then add it all back to the pot of warm milk. Stir it all, then put the lid on and push the yogurt button. you want it set for 8 hours. Then walk away. Come back later and remove the whole inner pot again and let cool. Resist the temptation to stir. Put in the fridge and let cool till cold. Then take some cheese cloth or some sort of straining cloth and put it in a large colander or pasta strainer. Put that in a larger bowl. Then pour the yogurt mixture in the cloth lined colander so that the liquid can drain into the larger bowl under it. I put mine back in the fridge and just let it drain for about 4 hours. Then place that ever so yummy glob of goodness in a container and store in fridge, until you figure out what you want to use it for. Or just grab a spoon and eat plain. It is that good.

If I had any idea how well this would have turned out, I would have taken pictures and been more precise. But I thought I was experimenting. My experiment was a huge success. Yogurt making is very scientific if you want consistent results. But it is equally fun to experiment. So here you go. Try it and tell me how yours turns out.