I blog because I have something to say!

Let me see, to introduce myself. Well obviously my name is Penny Raine, I am momma to 8 youngins, 1 with Jesus, the rest still here all in one house, until last May 10 when the oldest got married. Now her and her hubby are working on a family of their own. I am wife to minister hubby known locally as “jumpin Jim” we have been married since ‘86, goodness how many years IS THAT? We all live on a horse farm in Mid TN where our favorite thing to do is worship the Lord. Want to see a picture?

Come by and visit my bookstore, I am still arranging things, and surprised to have so many guests already! Please grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a look around. I always have something special going on. Right now I will give you a free book if you add your name to my bookstore mailing list, and you will also get my once a month ezine Front Porch Fellowship.



You might also like to visit my main directory at PennyRaine.com it will lead you to our other sites.

I have several other blogs I am in the process of releasing. You can read about them here Bless-Me-Blogs.

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