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black friday in July with Prime

what is better than Christmas in July? Black Friday in July, but what is better than Black Friday?
Prime Day. And if you don’t have a Prime account with Amazon today is Your Day!!! get the free trial and get the Prime Day specials that start July 11, except like all good Black Fridays they start early,
but you won’t know that unless you sign up for prime now.

how’s your home?

Monday, are you ready, how’s your home, does it feel likes it’s ready? Here is a great one to re-focus with.

house a homeIt is a great one to re-focus with.

Table of contents

  • It all starts with prayer
  • Home isn’t home if no one is there
  • Creating atmosphere
  • Simple decorating
  • What about cleaning and clutter?
  • Family supper
  • The morning meeting
  • Be an at HOME Momma
  • Guests at home
  • Keeping your home open to the Lord
  • Available on amazon 

Well, have a very blessed Monday, more coming up!