10 tips to a positive online presence

Who loves social media? I think we all do to a point, whether for family sharing, entertainment or business purposes. For some it doesn’t matter if they are well received, their settings are private and their crowd small. But if we intend to speak (share, post) publicly we need to do things with some proper manners if we want to be well received. These are just a few thoughts rolling around my head today, hope they bless you. If you want to read more friend me on facebook or like my page  

  1. be a blessing – take your time, the goal is to add goodness and love to someone’s day, if you can’t then be quiet until you can, take a break or a walk, or a vacation, maybe some rest and prayer is needed, social media is no place for a rant or a whine if you want to make a positive difference 🙂
  2. be real – nobody likes a false front, be genuine, if you are genuinely rude or mean, then deal with that before sharing, if you are genuinely sarcastic, pray before sharing, funny is funny, tacky or mean spirited is not funny or likable
  3. be kind – as we say in the South, “gimme some sugar” in other words, be sweet and loving, if in person that would be a hug, 🙂  often you are sharing with folks who don’t know you yet, they may have had a bad day/week/month or life, you have no idea and you don’t want to add hurt to that
  4. be honest – recommend or refer things you can HONESTLY say will be a blessing in their life, you lose credibility if you do anything other than that
  5. be a friend first and a salesperson last – yes share what company you are with occasionally not everyday, unless you have been inconsistent and are part of more than 3 at a time, then don’t share at all until you have some consistency with the business
  6. be respectful – do not privately message folks about anything that benefits you rather than them, no one has time for 23 “private” sales pitches a day, or chain letters, or hoax’s
  7. be non competitive – put the other guy first, always bless others, trust me if you develop this attitude you will be truly overflowing with “warm fuzzy” feelings and true joy when you see others succeed
  8. be who you are – with a Jesus filter, do not use “this is who I am” as an excuse, but rather be who He created you to be, it shows, and they notice
  9. be tempered, tempered means  “treated by temperingespeciallyof glass :  treated so as to impart increased strength and the property of shattering into pellets when broken, ” (from https://www.merriam-webster.com) – when tempered glass breaks it does not have sharp edges that cut like regular glass, when being social or public you will inevitably sooner or later be hurt, be prayed up and prepared, take it to the Lord, be ready to forgive, do not be sharp and cutting to others
  10. be a nobody – yep, no one likes an arrogant person, folks run from that, and they talk as they run, be humble, you can be knowledgeable and humble at the same time, share your own story with the attitude that it is best for you and maybe others, yes often for others, but that you are not the only one with an answer, encourage folks to seek Jesus and what His answer is for them, whether it be business, methods, life, recipes, parenting, or fashion 🙂

have any thoughts to add?

and .. your thoughts?