tornadoes and chocolate cobbler

Our weather has been so strange this year, but actually strange weather is normal for TN so I guess it is strangely normal. We hardly had a winter, but the days that were like winter were super cold. Then spring started early, like in January. My fruit trees are threatening to bloom, and that doesn’t usually happen until late March at least, some in April. The daffodils, called buttercups here in the south put on the biggest show ever in February and when we had a single night hard freeze it didn’t even affect them. My pastures are greener than they were last summer. Go figure 😉

but then

this morning, I got something I had almost forgotten about … a tornado warning, which of course means sit on the porch and enjoy the storm, I figured I had a few minutes before our satellite internet service went out .. so I posted this on facebook

so tornadoes today, more chocolate cobbler and coffee? how do you spend stormy days?

~ Penny Raine

and the crowds went wild,

not about tornadoes but about Chocolate Cobbler 🙂

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