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have a good day

God is good, rejoice with those who love you and don’t let anything ruin your day, it is a gift from Him

your child’s heart and who it belongs to

wisdom from my friend Marcie Hadley
>>> Do you have a family who loves the Lord and your child’s soul more than they love themselves? Thank God for them! If you have a family who only wants to tantalize your children in order to get their heart, you will need to be like Gideon. There are those would prefer they have your child’s heart than that God has it, even while wearing the cloak of church folk. Do not be fooled and be ever watchful. If they disregard God’s commandments, the love of Him is missing. The most valuable thing your child has is their soul.
“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” John 14:15 <<<
the enemy WANTS your children and he will use anyone not totally submitted to Christ to get them ~ this part by me Penny Raine

finding yourself

the goal is not to “find yourself” the goal is to find your part and purpose in His plan ~ Penny Raine


yay! Lilla Rose sale!

starts this morning, don’t miss it, every mom deserves to be pretty 🙂

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we are all whosoever

Have you ever really considered what this means? What would you give up for someone you love?


grace is ..

28 years ago today I gave birth to the first of our 8 children, it absolutely changed my life, I understood what “grace” meant, God had given us the most incredible gift that I never could have deserved, I am still in awe of His love, if you open your eyes to it you will see Him in all life, but especially the ones He personally gives you, it makes His love and grace touchable

what matters?

thought for today, check your schedule, see those things that will still matter 100 years from now? focus on those things first    ~ Penny Raine

I Am Not Ashamed movie review

(includes affiliate link)

The other night we watched I am Not Ashamed, it is the story of the school shooting that happened at Columbine school in Colorado on April 20, 1999.

Of course everyone loves Sadie Robertson and it was because we saw her in the previews that we got this movie. But. Oh. My.

“I’m Not Ashamed is the inspiring and powerful true story of Rachel Joy Scott- the first student killed in the Columbine high school shooting in 1999. Devout teen Rachel Joy Scott (Masey McLain) shows compassion and love for her fellow students, until armed classmates enter Columbine High School on a fateful day that changes America forever. Her hopes and dreams seemed to end, but God was just getting started. Starring Masey McLain, Ben Davies, Sadie Robertson, Korie Robertson, Jaci Velasquez, and Jennifer O’Neill this hope-filled story reminds us that when we put our lives in God’s hands, we can make a world of difference.”
It was hard to watch, especially with my 14, 17 and 19 yr olds, brought up SEVERAL discussion points, showed exactly what I remember public school being like, gave them the opportunity to see some harsh truth, and later share exactly why folks with a different worldview act the way they do, how they often think, and how important worldview matters, right down to the belief of evolution which is what the entire public school system is based on. Whew, like I said hard to watch, but yes definitely a movie with a purpose, and to see the names, that was hard, and to know that something similar happened 4 years prior to that less than 16 miles from where I live, (Richland school shooting) is disturbing, especially being here in the bible belt. Pray about God’s plan for your children folks. Seriously, pray.

be forewarned it includes teen drinking, smoking, drugs, and immorality, and rebellion, completly in context to the story and nothing graphic but it is there

this is not a paid review

prayer with momentum

The Lord showed me an interesting thing this morning. It is easier to pray sometimes for things you are not close to, there is no doubt that someone else’s aunt Betty will get healed because I have not actually seen her pain and diagnosis, I know Jesus heals, I don’t doubt because I only see God’s point of view. Likewise when praying for someone else’s family member who is struggling with a particular sin. I have not personally dealt with their stronghold, or the effects of it, so it is easier to believe Jesus’ point of view. And just like a train that gets moving, once you start praying you get momentum, and can believe for much more than you did when you started. So start each day by praying for something you CAN believe will happen. Then move on to the hard stuff. Tell me if that makes a difference in your prayer life ~ Penny Raine

pretties for our hair

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