10 days of gifts #1 beautiful hair for beautiful girls

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10daysgifts300Gift idea #1 here ~ a flexi Cip from Lilla Rose

For the girls in your life, any girls between the ages of 1-100. We all like to look pretty for those we love, and what better way than something pretty for our hair? This past year I became a consultant for Lilla Rose, they offer what I call, “the worlds best hair clip”. That is my opinion, but I will stand behind it. You can read my official review here below. And here is a link to my current giveaway.

Lilla Rose Flexi clips are beautiful, affordable and super durable. They can be purchased here http://www.lillarose.biz/pennyraine . And I will say the best part about being a consultant is that I often get to give them away as gifts 🙂 1450069_658138880883100_1263341239_n

“with 5 daughters I can tell you a lot about girls hair Smile  and since they are active girls and all have long hair I can tell you that all hair clips were not created equal, in fact it is very hard to find a good one, but alas I have found the best! my friend Marci asked me if I wanted to review and give away a flexi clip … my first question was, “what is a flexi clip? Now I know. It is something we cannot live without. I got one for my daughter with the thickest waist length hair. It works!!!! Yay!! And it feels good, AND it holds, AND it has been over a month and it hasn’t broken! Now that is big news. It also is very nice looking and now I need one for each girl Smilehorsenflexi50sig

Well I was serious about getting one for each daughter, so serious that I decided to become a consultant. And now I sponsor giveaways. The prizes are usually the flexi of  your choice of any currently available Flexi in your choice of size if you are a first time customer.

If you are new to Lilla Rose, you can start by checking out my site here  and seeing the how to videos and sizing videos.


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