Monday’s preview

Well here we are another Monday! Yippee! Hooray! Mondays are really all about attitude. Oh my goodness that could be a book in itself. if I could type faster while on the treadmill I would probably have more of my books finished. But I am getting fitter everyday. And that is one thing I am working on this week. Encouraging you with health and fitness, so stay tuned! We have had a super busy week on the farm here, had some pups to sell, so the phone has been ringing off the hook. And we are just about about caught up with our furniture business so I let the word out that we are taking more orders at and that has my emails ringing off the hook. And we had a new calf last week, and his momma is a new milker so that is always entertaining to say the least. And it is rodeo season so my youngins are busy practicing, Annnd, we have been super busy getting our half acre garden in and happy with only half a crew this year. Whew, all that makes me tired just thinking about it. I work out on the treadmill each morning half for fitness, half just to get me thoughts in order. Try it, it works. And yes I am typing from the treadmill.   So, here is what to expect on my blog this week.

  1. ebook bundle of the week post – this week it is about homesteading
  2. Menu Plan Monday post
  3. an article on what to do with your children during the summer, this may turn into a book also
  4. new giveaways, including some of my own books yay!
  5. new books for Kindle yay!
  6. a book review on making goat milk soap, looks good so far
  7. and a guest post for a friends blog on the topic of horse ownership
  8. and …. reviews on 2 new favorites and ways you get in on them too

and .. your thoughts?