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Oh my goodness where do I even start? Well how about some personal background and testimony? Let me see I was born a California girl, yep, beaches, bikinis, tans, and vanity. Never ever thought I looked as good as I needed to, always thought I was chubby even though I wasn’t. Is a size 5 chubby? Of course not, but I thought so, not perfect enough. Had a serious self absorbed problem. Lots of diets, Lots of gimmicks, lots of worry. Then I got into some serious exercise. Met hubby in a gym, yep the healthy version of a nightclub in the 80’s. Seriously, we met in a gym. We actually were both involved in competitive bodybuilding. Yes, yes it is true, and no I will not post pictures. Those of you who know me as a TN girl can stop laughing now Smile . Anyway, then my career took off and I was very successful, then I had a knee injury and surgery, then after 3 years of marriage I we were expecting our first child. Somewhere in between all that I got born again and gave up the self absorbed vanity thing. Then the Lord blessed us with 7 more children and all 8 of them I would not trade for anything in the world. All that to say I have done the diet thing, I have done the over achieving athlete thing, I have done the vanity thing, I have done the workaholic thing, I have done the live for my children at the cost of my own health thing, I have done every extreme there is. And I had had enough heartbreaks over the years to do the depression thing if it were not for the love of Christ. And somewhere along the way I really did get chubby. Very chubby. My biggest problem over the years is the all or nothing thing. Either I do it big or I wait until I can. But we cannot do that with our health. We are only given one body and has to last. And it is up to us how we treat it. So. 2 years ago when one of my daughters who had been taking care of an elderly neighbor with serious health problems looked at me very seriously and said “mom, please don’t ever let yourself get unhealthy” I knew it was time for a change. And not one of my typical, overthrow the government changes but just a gradual, sensible change. So even though I had an extensive history with studying nutrition and fitness, I went back to square one. You can read more at my fitness blog here. I started eating more, yes more, because when I was busy or bothered I did not eat. I started journaling my eating and exercise everyday, and I started specifically praying that the Lord would show me what I needed to change. He did.

In the last 2 years I have lost over 60 pounds and seriously increased my endurance and overall fitness. I have learned lots of new things, and many of them are included in this book, even though we were not comparing notes. Don’t you just love when the Lord shows you something and you know that you know it is Him so you follow, but then He shows you why? Well I love when He does that. And this book contains lots of the why’s.

Let me say that I know both of the authors personally, and they are beautiful, absolutely beautiful. But not skinny beautiful, they are trim yes, but they are healthy beautiful. Skinny is not healthy looking and many of todays fad diets will get you skinny but not healthy. These girls have a beautiful mom and good genetics, but that will only take us so far, we HAVE to care for our bodies to be healthy looking.

So, now you know why I liked the book, lets tell you a bit about it. It is more of an encyclopedia than it is a mere book. It is a HUGE book and worth the price. The table of contents is impressive enough, and yes in the Kindle version it is clickable!! That is a very big plus in my busy world. In fact as much as I like print books, I will also buy the Kindle version of a favorite if I plan to use it for reference simply for the clickable table of contents and index. This book also has TWO indexes! One for recipes. The recipe index is also clickable in the Kindle version. Does it get any better than that?

Trim Healthy Mama covers everything from forwards by the Authors’ husbands to what the bible says about fitness, to personal testimonies, to nutrition and food combining, to alternatives to sugary drinks, to health problems and thinks like insulin and glycemic levels to hormones and even marital intimacy. They cover exercise and skin care, vegetables and grains, proteins and gluten free meals. If you have ever had a “Mama care need” thought they have probably covered it.  And covered it in detail.

The recipes are mostly ways to make yummy meals that work. My personal favorite was eggplant lasagna. I may not follow it exactly but the shear thought of using eggplant instead of pasta made me really happy, I love eggplant! I can confidently say that whatever you love is probably in there too. They do use some strange ingredients, have to look into that konjac root stuff, but not all the recipes call for unusual items. I am not a big sugar substitute person so you will have to study that one yourself, but overall things looked good and mostly doable. I did learn a LOT! And I am 50 years old so this is not new stuff yet I still learned a LOT! We were invited to a local brunch teaching some of this plan and my daughters blessed me when they described it as, “you know mom, the basics like you have always taught us”. Well yes this covers the basics but more of the whys to go along with it. Soooooo…….. who wants one???????????????

They are available on Amazon, see the pic above, or at their website here.  or of course you can win one.

This contest is open for entries until midnight Sunday March 17th. US mailing addresses only please

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    I need to get my eating habits under control. My children are learning to turn to fast food and convenience snacks, awful but true. I could really use some education in this area.

  4. I’d like to win the book because after giving birth to eight babies and trying countless fad diets and gimmicks to lose all this “baby weight”, I think I am ready to make some real changes (before the next one comes along :p ). This book sounds like it’s just what I need. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

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    I want this because God is already doing a work in me, and I believe this book will help me as I continue on this journey.

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