Menu Plan Monday March 18


For my Menu Plan Monday post March 18th . Although I am posting on Tuesday Smile 

Busy week ahead, as usual, spring is closer, can’t wait! I now have 5 of my books on Amazon available for Kindle readers, still working on more this week, and still losing weight and working out, and planning the garden, yahoo! Can’t wait for fresh tomatoes and peppers. ( I said all this last week and it is still true!!) 

I have lots more recipes posted at my recipe site and I am trying to study up on a new plug in that will enable you to easily print the ones I have on there.

Monday- cheeseburger casserole and homemade Artisan French bread

Tuesday- baked potato feast ~ menu idea made with shredded venison

Wednesday- barbeque chicken breasts and oven roasted potatoes and veggies

Thursday- easy chili for a crowd , the leftovers make great lunch!

Friday –  supposed to be cold , soo homemade Southern Style Chicken and Dumplins ( I should have this as a KIndle book soon)

Saturday – stuffed quesadillas

What’s on your menu this week?

and .. your thoughts?