I have gone overboard here

Sensational Spring Savings

they say April Showers bring May Flowers, but around my house they bring birthdays and blessings!
And all these birthdays, 4 of my daughters, 2 of my grandchildren, AND the births of two more grandchildren AND MY BIRTHDAY as the grand finale makes me downright giddy with thankfulness, and that makes me want to celebrate.
And my favorite way to celebrate is by blessing my friends, and that means YOU! Yes I get not only generous but completely out of my right mind this time of year. So…. not only am I nearly giving away the farm, but I am blessing you with bonuses also!! But this will only last a short time before I come to my senses, you will have only until Friday at midnight to take advantage of this incredible bursting at the seams package,

look at all I have for YOU!!!

First of all 25, yes count them TWENTY FIVE, yes

( I already went overboard and made it 27! ) of my ebooks, plus bonuses. See I told you, I have gone completely overboard with this one.

Did I tell you I LOVE Springtime!!! Well I do.   you don’t have to guess how much  …… here is the link

and .. your thoughts?