His blessings never end :)


Well I had to run to town today to get some items for hubby. I really like being home, I mean I really really like it. I am not one to run around. So I usually compile errands until the very last minute and stock up on everything and just get it done. But I was not ready for that today. But he needed supplies for a very big project we are doing. And he had a tool go bad. That happens a lot, we don’t buy tools to look at. We buy them to use. The tool sales guy knows us well. He also gives us excellent service. Today was one of those days. He didn’t even look at the nail gun I brought in just gladly exchanged it for a new one. I sooo appreciate good customer service. I also stopped for just a few groceries but couldn’t resist seeing what was on sale. Well I heard from a checker at the superstore that Aldi’s had onions for 39 cents for a 3 pound bag. But the superstore didn’t have them in 3 pound bags so I couldn’t price match. I don’t like making a million stops but figured that was too good to pass up, especially since our favorite around here is Mexican Food and that involves onions. So off I went. Not only did I get my onions but a friend’s hubby was the friendly checker, smiling as always, and also, look what I got. Strawberries, lots and lots of strawberries, 24 pounds for 49 cents a pound. Wow. I was truly blessed coming and going today. Then it got better. My phone started making all kinds of strange sounds, I had forgotten which ring tone I assigned to the weather alert warnings but I got to hear it today, several times. Severe thunderstorms. My good day continued though as  they completely missed us, either I was in front of them or behind them all afternoon and all I saw was the hail on the ground.

All in all an excellent afternoon with my daughters. So, how was your day??

and .. your thoughts?