finally… too late

Well hubby rigged my satellite dish back into place to give me internet again. When it rains too much or when the ground freezes or just when the ground moves at all, the dish loses it’s signal. I can tell when that is the problem, not to be confused with the other nonsensical list of problems we have with it. But alas hubby is good at problem solving. called me a service guy over a year ago, he still hasn’t showed up. Good thing I wasn’t holding my breath.

When it wouldn’t work this morning I gave up and went shopping with my daughters. Nothing especially exciting, just our weekly routine, bank, post office, groceries, farmers co-op, feed store, TSC, renew car tags, etc,  but I LOVE to spend time with them. We did buy hubby some new cowboy boots, and we got something exciting in the mail, so it was a fun fun day.

All that to say that my new release party and surprise freebie has been rescheduled for Monday. That will be new in itself, I have always done them on Friday before. But a little adapting is good for all of us. You can of course get a sneaky preview look at my new book below, it is ready for purchase. You can get it now if you want. Freebie will happen on Monday.

Family Bible Study ~ Christ In Christmas

In America Christmas is one of the biggest holidays celebrated. The economy is even dependent on it. If you ask folks what the Holiday is they will tell you the celebration of Christ’s birth, yet 99%  of the activities have nothing to do with Jesus.  There are even mock holidays now coinciding with the Christmas season so that everyone can celebrate together even if they don’t want to admit Jesus exists.  Christmas is an American tradition plain and simple. The month of December revolves around it. As Christians we should not get caught up in the commercialism of the event but remember that it is the one time of year more than any other when folks who are not even believers are open to hearing about Jesus.  Even folks who have never submitted will get teary eyed at an inspirational movie or a beautiful manger scene. Since the Lord has truly gone before us and tenderized hearts, and opened doors this time of year it is up to us to take advantage of the opportunities. Before we can begin to share the love of Jesus with a lost and dying community we must first focus on Him ourselves.

It is my prayer that with the help of this book, Christmas not only becomes a Christ honoring time of year but a fruitful one. That you are able to witness the true gifts of love and salvation in your family and community.

Over 30 pages of articles,family discussion guides, bible studies, antique pictures and activities!

approx 34 pages with  pictures   –    ebook download
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