menu plan Monday july 13


For my Menu Plan Monday post, this July 13

We have a wonderful storm going on at the moment, which will be great for the garden. My dear daughter brought us extras from her first garden today, so we are swimming in squash which I am loving. I will be hunting up yummy squash recipes this week. I will try to get each of these recipes posted to my recipe  site  before the day I have them featured.

 Monday-    stir fry squash and rice

Tuesday-  chicken salad on homemade bread

Wednesday-  spaghetti pie

Thursday- chili rellano casserole

Friday –  meatloaf sandwiches on homemade bread and squash 🙂

Saturday – jalapeno pizza

take a look at my front page I have great things and giveaways happening this week! including adding more to my recipe  site

and .. your thoughts?