respectful mom-blogging

So you want to start a momma blog? Or maybe you already have a mom blog? Or maybe you are even the queen of mommy blogging. Either way, these tips are useful for all.

Some blogs I am blessed by,

other’s make me want to cry,

I love to hear about your youngins,

as they learn and play,

but when it shames them even without knowing

it really ruins my day! …….. Penny Raine

Ok, onto some do’s and don’ts.

  • Do share sweet stories about others
  • Don’t share if they wouldn’t like it
  • Do respect other’s privacy
  • Don’t keep the story and change the name if they ask you not to share at all
  • Do post cute pictures of your OWN family
  • Don’t post pictures of other peoples children without specific permission
  • Do be polite
  • Don’t laugh at other’s expense
  • Do share a link to someone else’s story on their blog
  • Don’t post the story yourself as if it were yours
  • Do share your name and location if there is a purpose and you live a public life anyway
  • Don’t share details of your personal life that isn’t necesarry
  • Do tell us about your spouse
  • Don’t tell us their faults no matter how big
  • Do tell us your own most embarassing moment
  • Don’t tell us other folks most embarassing moments, let them tell their own
  • Do use some culture or accent in your words, y’all
  • DON’T use cuss words, PLEASE! some of us don’t appreciate it!!!!
  • Do tell us about your past and how Jesus set you free!
  • Don’t tell us about someone else’s past without their permission
  • Do ask for prayer in overcoming your own hurdles in life
  • Don’t ask for prayer for your neighbor’s unfaithful husband by name
  • Do share cute stories about your toddlers
  • Don’t share if they might be embarassed 10 years from now
  • Do share about your older children
  • Don’t share personal details they wouldn’t want the world to know
  • Do share a family picture
  • Don’t share the one where everyone looks bad except you
  • and so on, and so on….

I once read a blog that you would recognize if I told you the name, it could have been funny and it obviously is to some because she has a million times more readers than I do. But I had to stop reading because I really wanted to just cry when I read it. She constantly made fun of her children. Please remember our little blogging communities may feel like just that a neighborhood. But the web is a big place. If you want too air your own dirty laundry that is your business. But let everyone else, even your own children and especially husband, and even in-laws deal with their own private lives privately! If you would be ashamed to say it out loud in church in front of everyone then don’t blog about it. Or tweet about it, or post it on facebook. Are we all getting the point?


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  1. Thank you for this post. I have wanted to write this before, except it wasn’t the time. I, too, am offended when I read moms making fun of their children or exposing some secret or showing how ‘stupid’ or irresponsible they are.
    I think at that point the Mom is showing that about herself, rather than her children.
    Or constantly blogging ‘potty stories’ about their children or about their und*rwear (no, I am not referring to anyone in particular, I just remember being disgusted at a “funny post” last year). Same thing with being hormonal, etc.

    I would like to offer another word in addition to respect: discretion. As Believers and ‘ladies’, God desires our discretion and though it is a hard thing sometimes, we must learn it and walk in it and pass it to our children. [and sometimes learning comes from our own mistakes!]

    I don’t think your check would work for some though, because they don’t mind saying foolish things in church either. I think they thrive on the attention.

    Honestly, I just don’t read those blogs. It does sadden me when friends I respect think they are funny tho. 🙁 We really try to not use sarcasm here either. It too quickly can lead to hurt feelings because someone said ‘something funny’.
    May we all use wisdom.

    blessings friend!

    Jacques last blog post..Simple Joys

  2. I love the suggestions on respectful blogging!

    Anne-Maries last blog post..My 2009 Deduction

  3. I’ve had a few people tell me that they know all about what our family has been doing because I blog ‘everything’ or talk about it on the radio.

    They’re sadly mistaken.

    I have very clear boundaries about what I share online and on the radio. People will only ever know what I want them to know. There is still a huge amount that is private and not for public display. (And I would NEVER say anything to embarrass or make fun of my family.)

    You’ve given some great advice in this post.

    Rodney Olsens last blog post..Sticky Note Madness

  4. Great post! I came across a blog last week (don’t remember what it was) where the mom-author called her nine-year-old son an a—-e. I am still completely horrified that any mother would even THINK should a thought about her child, must less speak it publicly. When did people stop viewing children as human beings?

    Another blog I saw a month or so ago went into detail about potty ‘mistakes’ a 12 year old boy had made. 🙁 This boy…he’ll see that post someday. It just breaks my heart.

    Well, Merry Christmas, Penny!

    Cindys last blog post..Friday Fill-In #103

  5. A blogger’s best friends:
    Respect. Discretion. Boundaries.

    That is a great list. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Good advice. Convicting advice. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were talking about my blog (though I see you’re not subscribed to my new one, which says you’re probably not). I agree with protecting the privacy of others, including our children, of which I’ve often failed with but have been trying to work on. However, I tire of “Miss Perfect” blogs who only share the pretty stories and never any of the grit of life. Makes me feel like a loser. Makes me wonder if they even have any dirty laundry to hang- unlike myself who seems to always be up to my eyeballs in stinky laundry (so to speak).

    Maybe the grass always seems greener because my blogging neighbor only opens her privacy gate after it rains, but never during the storms when the mud is slinging.

  7. Wow, that’s an excellent list and great advice. Blogging about family can be both rewarding and dangerous. I hope more people follow your advice.

    Ed Kohlers last blog post..Car Buying: CarZen’s Recommendations

  8. a simple… “amen sister”!

    Sheris last blog post..

  9. I enjoyed reading your guidelines for Mommy blogs. I can’t imagine making fun of a child to gain readership. Our children are so precious and a gift from God to be respected.
    What wonderful advice you have given on many topics I’m sure many of us don’t even consider.
    Thank you for the post.

    Mountain Womans last blog post..Goodbye For The Holidays

  10. I love this post. I don’t really search out blogs like I was before our newborn arrived, but I must say that it breaks my heart to think of someone shaming their own family and/or friends. I will be praying for wisdom that the Holy Spirit would always be whispering in my ear about what is and is not appropriate. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Kerianns last blog post..A Wonderful Christmas Activity for the Entire Family

  11. Loved this post too!

    Christys last blog post..Menu Plan Monday – 12-29-08


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