Menu Plan Monday September 29

For my Menu Plan Monday post, I am going to continue to spice things us a bit. Our peppers get better everyday. And sheese was on sale again this week at Krogers. We need to have jalepeno pizza again. The tomatoes are icking back up as we started wtering again. Hopefully I can add some recipes to my site this week too.

Monday- jalepeno chicken and rice

Tuesday- chili rellenos, my current favorite!

Wednesday- southern chicken and dumplins with bell peppers

Thursday- juevos rancheros

Friday – jalepeno pizza

Saturday- chili rellenos

i know, I know, we are going overboard with the peppers but they are sooo good!

take a look at my front page I have a ton of stuff planned for you this week!


  1. Whew – hot menu this week! I’m wiping my brow. LOL! It looks yummy! We love spicy food!

and .. your thoughts?