Menu Plan Monday September 22

For my Menu Plan Monday post, I am going to continue to spice things us a bit. Literally. We have lots of peppers in the garden, and while we have frozen a good bit, they are so much better fresh. We had jalepeno pizza last night. The tomatoes are dwindling. I might try to get some fall spinach and lettuce going. Hopefully I can add some recipes to my site this week to. We are completely burnt out on Chicken Gumbo, so we won’t revist that till winter. We need some new ideas so I am excited to get some of y’alls recipes.

Monday- jalepeno chicken and rice my current favorite

Tuesday- Taco casserole

Wednesday- southern chicken and dumplins

Thursday- ground beef gravy and biscuits

Friday – birthday dinner request Fiesta Bean Dip and chips

Saturday- chili rellenos

take a look at my front page I have a ton of stuff planned for you this week!

and .. your thoughts?