electric green and free learning

Have you ever noticed I give lots of links for things that are not free? Some of them will cost you more than a couple of dollars. Some have price tags that are way out of my and maybe your budget. But I still recommend these sites and read them for myself. Why you ask? Well because I believe you can often learn as much from a catalog or website as you could from a book. Where do I go to to learn about tomatoes? My gardening catalogs! Where do I go to learn about new electronic stuff like computers or printers or GPS systems? Especially with all of the new talk about “going green” . How can electronic products be green? I mean a place that offers to be my “one stop shop for all the home and business office needs with the best selection of Eco-Friendly Name Brand products”, has got to have some good info I can learn from.  Some folks will just run out and grab the newest in the line of Canon scanners, but not me. I want to first know if I even NEED a scanner. (The answer is yes I do.) My money doesn’t come that easily. I have needed a new desktop for years and even if someone dropped a thousand dollars in my lap today I wouldn’t just run out and grab an Apple desktop. I would search and study and research some more. That is why I like sites that have several options to choose from. One manufacturer is not going to give me comparison info for another.  When I bought my HP laptop last year because I had to be able to keep things running even though I had to go to CA to be with my mom, I had already been daydreaming about a laptop and had my needs scoped out.

When at one of our local office supply stores yesterday buying 10 cent boxes of pencils I thought of something. One of the sales associates looked at me and didn’t have the time of day to tell me where the 10 cent pencil display was. I am sure she looked at me with my accompanying children and thought, “I am not even going to bother with that one, there is no commission to be had from her”. But what she didn’t realize is that yes I am just a mom, not an executive. But I am a homeschooling Mom. And I am the administrator for our ministry. And I hold the checkbook and am the buyer, and between our ministry and home school we are currently using 5 computers. So I might be buying pencils today but I might be buying computers tomorrow. And I will buy them from the place that meets my needs. Good service, easy navigation of a website, and quality are important to me. Even more important than the price.

and .. your thoughts?

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