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So how do you go about finding those great things you need to help with a project? Or how do you go about letting folks know you are the one who can help? Site directory’s can sometimes be helpful when you need a little moe info than just a name and a url. If you lived in San Diego and wanted a new countertop would you look up san diego countertops or would you look up countertops in San Diego ? And would either give you the info you need? Well instead you could go to a site directory and get a pre-sreened expert. I am amazed at the amount of info online to help us shop these days, I remember when “letting our fingers do the shopping” meant looking through the yellowpages. We have come a long way.

is God in your business?

He is if you want Him in. I encourage you to remember that He is standing there looking over your shoulder in all that you do. Is that a welcoming thought? Or does it put you into trembling? Whether it is changing a diaper (a very noble task if you ask me) or cooking supper, or negotiating a multi million dollar real estate deal, do you welcome His presence?  He is there to help, not condemn. :lol:

tell Him thanks

Home Depot coupon- I found one

For real? A Home Depot coupon yep for real. And a whole bunch of other coupons too. And i am going to start posting lots and lots of ways to get coupons for nearly everything you buy. Why? because I love you of course, and because I love to rebel against high prices. With the economy the way it is, advertisers are calling our names in new ways trying to get us to spend with them. And if I am already planning to shop for a particular item anyway I might as well get it for the best possible price. With the internet and places like offering  free online coupons, there is no excuse for paying a “higher than necessary” price. For anything. From green beans to printers.

It really works, last month my daughter and her hubby bought their first home. I had a feeling I could find them some coupons for the things one buys when they get a new home. So I hunted them down and they have had a coupon in hand for nearly every purchase. What a fun way to start a marriage. Let’s face it, the economy has become a mountain we must conquer!

10 ways to save on your electric bill

 I could actually give you 100 just off the top of my head. I look at things like lowering my elctric bill as one of the great challenges of life. Even if we had a million dollars why give it all to to the electric company. The first step in lowering your bill is to recognize what is using all that electricity in your house. anything with a heating element in it is a big user. Dryer, oven, stove, water heater, electric furnace. So these areas of use should be checked first. Plan use ahead, plan it in a way that gives you the most use for your dollar.

So let me see, here are 10 ways for now.

  1. forget using the dryer in the summer
  2. when you use the dryer in the winter, use an inside vent to heat the house
  3. when you bake, bake more than one thing, never heat the whole oven for just one item
  4. use a small toaster oven for small things
  5. turn your water heater thermostat down
  6. turn your washer to warm instead of hot
  7. put a timer on your water heater
  8. in the winter, set your furnace thermostat lower and layer your clothing
  9. check for drafts in your house and fix them
  10. when it gets really cold put quilts over your windows in rooms you don’t use

So do you even have an electric budget? Learn to make a planned effort to keep your electric bill where YOU want it.

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