lost arts

Crystal got me thinking, look back at my last post if you don’t know what I mean. All of those things that you wish you had been taught when younger, whether it be canning, or baking bread, or sewing or just how to clean a house, or mayby build a house! All of those things, I encourage you to make a list, then find a way to learn them, and here is the challenge,  TEACH them to your children! Even if my daughters never choose to bake bread after they are married at least they know how. And they know how to can, and bake pies and cakes, and cook, and menu plan, and scrub a floor till it shines, and clean a house and change a diaper and sew a dress and so on. America is raising an generation that only has one thing they know how to do, and so their life is dictated by that one skill. What ever happened to the “jack of all trades”? Our children should be raised with MANY skills.   And  they should know how to build a soap box so they can get up on it!  That works for me ths Wednesday!  


  1. We don’t have any trouble with soap boxes around here. LOL! Can you recommend chores for 4yo boys?

  2. Too true. I’m glad I was raised to know how to do a lot of different things – minus sewing. I try to incorporate chores as fun things to do for my kids – like helping mommy put the clothes up, or letting them shove them in the dryer. I hope I’m able to teach them a variety of things – but mostly what being a good Christian mom and wife is about.

    Phoebes last blog post..Teach Them

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